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This blog will have a little bit of everything real in my life—being a full-time single mom to Evan, running a business, losing my mom to cancer, household organization tips, recipes, and antics about chasing around the sweetest little boy I’ve ever met in my life.  I think the opening blog should explain where I came from, and where we are at now.

I own and operate Mirabella Care, and have the most fabulous employees that care about our clients as much as I do. Mirabella Care began as a Senior Care Giving company, but we quickly added Executive and Maternity Concierge services based on the needs and demands of our clientele.

I had my “Ah-Ha” moment about a year ago, when I was a new mom, and even newer single mom, and just starting Mirabella Care. Plus, my mom was undergoing chemo and a stem cell transplant during this time. Needless to say, it was a chaotic and stressful time in my life…..Murphy’s Law prevailed, and my son and I came down with the stomach flu in the midst of everything else going on. At one point, I was literally holding my 9-month old baby on my hip as I threw up.  I was sick, alone, exhausted, and had a sick baby to care for, too. It was awful. My family couldn’t help because we couldn’t risk passing the germs to my mom. I had a wonderful friend that dropped groceries on my doorstep because I couldn’t leave the house and didn’t have any other help.

After this incident, I thought to myself, “everyone has been in some kind of bind, and every family needs help at some point in their lives.” We now fulfill the needs of so many different families—single parents that want to provide healthy, home cooked meals to their children. Busy Executives that want to come home to a clean and inviting home, with fresh laundry and flowers to greet them. Families with two working parents, that need help with errands, shuttling kids, and tidying up.  Seniors that need care and companionship.

It’s been six months since we lost my mom, and a year since the “flu incident.” And everyone is doing so much better. I’ve mastered how to get a toddler and myself out the door before 8am, with minimal chaos. Quite an accomplishment that often involves a bag of fruit snacks for Evan, and plenty of coffee for me!

People sometimes ask me how I manage to keep it all together, since I run a business, a household, raise a toddler by myself, and still try to maintain a social life. The answer is, I ask for help when I need it, and I don’t always wash my hair as often as I should! If I can teach my clients and everyone else a simple lesson, I’d say, “It’s always ok to ask for help!” and if someone offers to help you, take them up on it!

I have a best friend that babysits and loves Evan like her own, a dad that isn’t afraid to change diapers and run errands, a brother and sister-in-law that allow me to have an occasional evening out, and I hire someone to help me clean and organize when I feel overwhelmed. I’ve adopted a phrase that a client used to describe what I do for her, “Decrease Chaos. Increase Balance.” That is my wish for my clients, my friends, and you!

My clients often become my friends, and sometimes they even feel like they’re my family. Evan is loved by all, and comes with me to work sometimes. Everyone loves seeing his big blue eyes and cute smile, and I love being able to have him with me during the day.

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